Speedup and Secure your Internet connection

Speedup and Secure your connection through state-of-art Data transfer technique and TLS v1.3 encryption with Maikr Chrome Extension and Mobile Apps. Fast, Simple & Secure.

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Fast and Stable

Ultra Fast

With our cutting edge technology Maikr is more than 10 times faster than a traditional Virtual Private Network!

How We did it?
Very Stable

Simultaneously Connected with Multiple Servers make Maikr a highly availability Service

For all your devices

Maikr is adapted to any devices (Windows, Mac, Linux) thanks to our Google Chrome extension. Secure your browsing in just a few clicks.


Our solution allows anyone to access a secured connection with truely free internet. And this from anywhere in the world.

TLS 1.2 Tunnel

Our solution create a very secure TLS 1.2 Tunnel for web browsing make it impossible for anyone to eavesdrop. Avoid any risk connecting Free wifis thanks to Maikr.

4096 bits encryption

RSA-4096 bit encryption further improvement security prevent highly powered computers to hack.

Internet Freedom

Maikr bring back the truly free internet that it is supposed to be.

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